New Management Handbook


Now you can discover what thousands of teachers have already discovered: a wealth of effective, easy-to-use strategies that will transform your classroom.

"I have been teaching 12 years
and have been to numerous seminars
but I never learned so much as I have from your book.
I couldn't wait to apply each new idea in my classroom!!"

More Practice Than Theory
From Check Off Lists to the First Aid Kit, from student numbers to sound makers for initiating procedures, you'll find this book loaded with practical, innovative ideas. And these are ideas you'll be able to use right away.

One of New Management's key features is how quickly teachers can apply what they've learned. Whether you are a probationary teacher just beginning a career or a dedicated veteran with years of experience, you'll learn proven techniques that you can begin using in your classroom the very next day.

Another bonus is New Management's incredible flexibility. You decide what you want to use: bits and pieces or the whole thing. Add to what you're doing now or start with nothing and be on your way to creating a management system that really works.

One point not to be overlooked is the student's role. Teachers who use New Management strategies provide their students with significant opportunities to become responsible, productive, and engaged.

In fact, an increase in the level of student responsibility and participation is one reason why teachers who use New Management say their paperworking tasks go down tremendously while student motivation goes up. And when students and teachers are truly working together, the potential for growth is without limits.

Look in the Book
You can click on the links in the upper right-hand column to find out more about each of the ten lessons. You'll find a list of goals for the lesson, a sample page or two, and a set of frequently asked questions related to the ideas that were presented.

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In this book you'll learn to...

  • create a dynamic classroom envrionment that supports the learning of every student and promotes responsible behavior

  • use classroom-tested strategies that will increase the quality of the teaching and learning in your own program

  • incorporate Glasser's Five Basic Student Needs and substantially boost student involvement: a cornerstone of student achievement

  • use innovative ideas that translate current educational research into usable classroom techniques

  • build your own classroom tools and toys that you'll be able to use year after year

  • collect and process papers and assisgnments with ease

  • streamline your student assessment program to get the information you need while saving you hours of time

  • maximize the power of your natural teaching style

  • become a teacher who is fair, firm, and consistent

  • reduce your stress on a daily basis and boost your effectiveness as a teacher

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Teachers speak out...

"I recently received the New Managament Handbook and I loved it.
I read it in just two sittings (I had to sleep sometime) and then
re-read it more slowly. Though I am still somewhat disorganized,
it has helped me tremendously, and I continue to improve.
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I love everything Rick Morris stands for. His ability to capture
the true reason for teaching is nothing short of amazing."

"Let me give you a HUGE THANK YOU!!!
I feel like I finally know what is going on in my classroom!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you
It's three-hole punched and in a binder and a I've been reading
and highlighting whenever I get the chance. It's wonderful!
I've been using some of your tools and toys for three years and
am so excited to learn about your expanded ideas for using them
that I know my pulse-rate goes up as I read!"

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Main Page

Table of Contents

Lesson 1
Before We Begin

Lesson 2
How It All Got Started

Lesson 3
Numbering Your Students

Lesson 4
Using Student Numbers

Lesson 5
Timers & Sound Makers

Lesson 6
Class Chart

Lesson 7
Check Off List

Lesson 8
Check Off Sheet

Lesson 9
First Aid Kit

Lesson 10
Grade Keeping