Lesson 7

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Goals for this lesson:

  • Have a better understanding of the power of using student numbers.

  • Learn how to use a Check Off List to collect something from your students.

  • Learn how a student can use a Check Off List to collect something for you.

  • Learn how the entire class can use a Check Off List to turn in an assignment.

  • Become acquainted with variations on the basic Check Off List technique.


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FAQ Lesson 7

What do I do with a Check Off List after I've used it to collect an assignment?

Why not toss it? Although I suppose you could add it to your record keeping paper trail, I don't really think you need to hold onto it. Your grade book(s) will maintain a history of your students' work skills and study habits anyway.

Teacher idea: I was visiting a teacher's room and saw that she had stapled the used Check Off Lists around the perimeter of the room. She used the space above the bulletin boards. This collection of COL's was a graphic reminder of how many things the class had taken care of that month. It was rather striking.


What do I do when a student marks off another student's number?

This sometimes happens when you first begin using student numbers and the collection tools based upon the number system. Rest assured that it won't last very long. It has more to do with the novelty of marking off numbers than anything else.

If it does occur, try to keep things low key. You might want to make an announcement about only marking off your own number. Tell them that although it may seem like a student is being helpful by marking off someone else's number, it actually confuses things a bit.

Tell the student who told you that someone had marked off his number to just mark off the number again. Tell him not to worry; it won't continue for very long.


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