As seen at seminars..

Here are the links for some of the ideas you may have seen at a seminar.

simple strategies for making this opening activity even more fun and effective.

Birthday Game
the five cards for playing this birthday guessing game with your students and the explanation of how it works

Blackline masters
1 Check Off List, 2 Check Off Sheets, and 2 grade sheets in each set; there are sets for class sizes of 20, 24, 27, 30, and 36 students.

Clip Chart eBook
this 30-page eBook will not only show you how to use this simple but effective discipline program but also provide you with some fun ways to expand the whole thing.

iPod as a Presentation System
this 15-page eBook will explain the basics for using an iPod to present visual information for your students

kid-friendly symbols for kindergarten classrooms and the eBook that shows you how to get started

Magnetic Tiles
the yellow polygons with an adhesive magnet on the back and a student number on the front

Math poems
rounding and subtraction with regrouping

Music Spinner
music playlists used with overhead spinner

Page Pen
the whiteboard marker/cow bell that I use for writing page numbers

Red Hands
for students who blurt out answers

Overhead Spinner
a simple game and some closure activities to be used with an overhead spinner

Student Achievement
thoughts on Peart & Campbell's research and how it impacts teachers

TV Theme Songs
a sampling of theme songs and how I used them in the classroom

Y-to-i song
from Tim Bedley's CD, Singin' the Standards

Yellow Slips
for dealing with social talking

If there is something you would like to see added, just send me an email.